Baby Bump belly art Shoot

A beautiful unique way to celebrate your pregnancy and capture the moment forever with a bellyart bodypainting shoot.

Have some fun during your pregnancy and turn your baby bump into a work of art.

You are welcome to choose your own bodypainting design or leave to to Vanessa the choice is yours.

Persons under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian with them at all times during the photo shoot.

Vanessa is happy to visit you and bodypaint your baby bump in the comfort of your own home and once the bodypainting is complete Vanessa will take a few snap shoots of your design then later creates a suitable background images and lightly photo edits i.e. skin smoothing etc.

Or you can come to the studio.


Prices can be arranged for location shoots should you require. For many, being pregnant is very private you may like your home comforts and if you would feel more comfortable without a team and working with only Vanessa. Please contact for more details.

Remember to tell the make-up artist if you have any sensitivities, allergies or skin conditions include known allergies to products or ingredients.

FAQ: Do I have to wear underwear? Yes you must wear at least a G-string, I can photo edit the image to hide straps. If you feel more comfortable you may wear a bra.

Preparing yourself for a bodypainting shoot: All bodypaints are water based, but please do not forget to let the bodypainter/make-up artist know if you are allergic to any make-up or products.

Exfoliate well and moisturise your skin a week before the shoot.
Exfoliating the skin removes dry skin and creates a smooth body canvas. On the day of the bodypainting shoot your body should be clean and free from body lotions. If you cannot bring yourself to leave home without wearing lotions then you may shower at the studio before the body art is applied.